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Four Stars Plumbing Co. Offers Furnace Repair Services in Carrollton

If your home has a furnace, you’re in good company. Today, approximately 60% of homes in America still have forced air furnaces that are heated by gas and another 9% of forced air furnaces that are heated using oil. These forced air furnaces or FAU’s sometimes contain electric heat pumps as well that supply heating and cooling to homes.

If you are the owner of a home that uses a furnace, there is a good chance that you will one day find yourself in need of a professional who can repair furnaces both efficiently and cost effectively. Four Stars Plumbing Co. was established in 1980 and has almost 3 decades’ worth of experience in the repair and replacement of furnaces. You can rest assured that if you do find yourself in need of a furnace repair Carrollton, you’ll be in good hands with us.

Some Helpful Things to Know About Your Furnace

If the day comes where you need a furnace repair Carrollton, it can be helpful to know a little more about your furnace so that you might better be able to communicate with the technician who comes out to help repair your furnace. This way, you’ll know what he’s talking about and be kept in the loop about what maintenance and repairs are being done to your furnace.

While we always suggest having a certified professional service your furnace, you may still want to get to know the major parts and components of your furnace so that they have an air of familiarity when discussing repairs and maintenance. We’ll save the in depth terminology for a later post though. The most important thing you need to know about your furnace is what type of furnace you own. You’ll want to know if your furnace uses natural gas which is more common than furnaces that use propane. You’ll also want to know the rate of efficiency that your furnace has, this could be somewhere along the lines of 80 to 100% efficiency for more modern furnaces or closer to 50 to 60% efficiency for older furnaces. Often during the repair of your furnace, you’ll hear some discussion on your furnaces efficiency and type of gas use.

If you don’t know the specifics of your furnace, don’t fret. Many home owners aren’t too keen on knowing all the details about their furnace, until there’s a problem that is! Our certified technicians will always help you to understand more about your furnace so that you can be kept up to date on information regarding the repairs and maintenance of your furnace. If you want to know, don’t be afraid to ask, our knowledgeable staff members would love to fill you in. After all, an informed customer is a happy customer.

The next time you need furnace repair Carrollton or maintenance, call Four Stars Plumbing CO., where our friendly staff are always on hand to service, repair, and maintain your furnace in Carrollton.

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