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One of the things we learned early in the residential plumbing business is that our customers wanted to know what the job was going to cost to get finished. That's hard when you bill by the hour; all you can do is give an estimate that may or may not be close.


Simple Solution - Menu Pricing

We came up with a simple solution - menu pricing. Whatever the job is, (repair, replacement, installation, water heaters, leaks, gas lines, showers, or faucets) we have a flat rate to take care of that need. Whether it takes us two hours or eight due to unexpected problems, the bill will be the same. It's a worry-free policy we like to offer our clients.


We Take the Risk for You

Since we've been providing plumbing services for so many years and have encountered so many problems, we're willing to take the risk of menu pricing when other companies may not. It's just another benefit you get from our years of experience, saving our customers money and giving them peace of mind.

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